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Enjoy Your Own 72" Anaconda's, 60" King Cobra's, 54" Pit Viper's, 48" Death Adder's, 42" Black Mamba's, And 36" Cottonmouth Snake Pipes Now!!!

Snake Pipes are available with a sneak a toke, bowl with cap, a classic brass personal bowl with carb, or classic brass big bowl with a carb. The snakes with carbs never need pulled, so they can be filled and cleared more than once to give you a toke like no other! Each one is as smooth as can be and bigger than ever expected! The snake pipe will help you melt into your seat, then float into the Sky, with an incomparable buzz after a few tokes! Clearing it is a snap every time!! Isaac's new steam roller

snake pipes will blow your mind in more ways than one!!!

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All Rights Reserved

WARNING: Snake Pipes May Get Hot!
Do Not Use A Torch To Light!!

Isaac Lasley is not liable, or responsible, for what people smoke out of snake pipes; or any negative effects that may result!!

Isaac Lasley Retains The Copyright To The General Snake Pipe Design, With or Without A Carb On The Pipe, At Any Length, With or Without Snakeskin. If Copied To Be Sold, In Any Way, The Seller Will Be Prosecuted For Copyright Infringement!!!

Shipping May Take 4 To 21 Days!

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Unfortunately, I Must Charge An 8.5% Illinois Online Sales Tax. SORRY!

Float Now, By Smokin
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